Letter: Tradition-killing morons won’t force a white flag

You must be kidding me! I came home from Washington, D.C., on Friday, May 11 and started to read all of my papers, and I got slapped in the face by progressive, tradition-killing morons and idiots, the people I hate the most.

Who was the clown that made this stupid decision? Apparently they have no brains and no respect for older people like me and others. A newspaper has been delivered to my home since I moved to my present location in April of 1968. I remember the paper boy collecting money and giving us a little white paid slip. Yes, I said paper boy!

What does AIM Media expect people 60 and older to do, lower our standards and raise the white flag of the idiotic social media-crazed younger generation? I raise the white flag to no one. It’s just another freedom of choice that is being taken away.

With all that said, I, too, won’t be renewing my subscription. I’m not paying for only two papers a week. Speedway will take care of that. I do not and will not own a computer or smartphone. Take that, Big Tech.

Hofellers, Don Jenkins , Hefner’s TV and now The Lima News… Gone!

Tradition always comes first. Progress can take a hike.

Timothy W. Ludwig



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