Letter: It’s just not the same without a daily paper

”Oh no, Joe! Say it ain’t so!” That was my very first thought as I picked up last Wednesday’s Lima News to read that the newspaper is going the way of everything else in the world. New. Modern. Up to date. Latest technology.

And so it seems that I must give up another comfort. When my kids were growing up, I used to tell them that they had to give me “10 minutes with the paper.” A time that I needed to be alone, to read about everything going on around me locally and worldwide. To be in the know. To read the stories and based on the information, come to my own conclusion.

Now more than ever, with the 24-hour talk shows, the news gets twisted and is either nit-picked or overblown out of proportion, leaving a question of “who’s right and who’s wrong.” Reading the paper daily is like having a friend give you the information, without bias.

But the paper is so much more than the news. As my kids were involved in sports, it was so exciting for them to see their names in the paper. It didn’t matter if it was just one goal or an assist, a school activity or whatever. The article was cut out of the paper and saved. My son has a picture of his first-grade class on a field trip; he’s front and center… yep, that was cut out too.

As are obituaries of friends and neighbors. I especially like looking at the Today in History and Today is… National Shrimp Day or Ice Cream Day or Walk to School Day.

Some nights I can’t sleep. I know that I can pull out the crossword puzzle and work on it until I get drowsy. Somehow, it’s not the same if I have to pull it up on the computer first. Why bother. Too much hassle.

I understand about the costs of paper and ink and delivery and paying people to put the paper together. I get it. However, my “10 minutes with the paper” will be gone, as with all good things. There’s something about holding the paper in your hands, kind of like reading an actual book, compared to a Kindle. It’s just not the same online.

Donna Klear



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