Letter: Frustrating service means a canceled newspaper

I have subscribed to The Lima News for 30-plus years for seven issues a week.

A couple years ago, they stopped having a carrier deliver it except on Sundays and had the post office deliver it, which was a fiasco for several months. I wouldn’t receive an issue for several days and then got several on one day. The ad inserts included in mid-week issues stopped because they claimed it weighed more, and the post office would charge more to deliver.

Since January 2023, the Sunday ad inserts have been just about non-existent. I contacted several businesses and was told there is a limited amount, and The Lima News decides who gets them. I contacted The Lima News and requested the Sunday inserts and was told I would receive them, but I’m not.

My yearly subscription is automatically renewed and charged to a credit card. It was renewed just about the same day that The Lima News announced it was changing from seven to two issues a week for the same $19.99 a month cost, or you could subscribe for digital service for $12.99 a month.

I called The Lima News and canceled my subscription and mentioned the Sunday ad insert problem and was told that businesses were not giving out the ads.

I retired over two years ago and stopped using a computer. I am not going to pay to install a computer plus have a monthly internet bill plus a Lima News $12.99 digital fee.

Even if The Lima News rescinded its decision, I will not come back because The Lima News’ service has been going downhill drastically over the last couple of years.

Warren Lee Stillwagon

Russells Point


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