Letter: OK to adjust to the way things work nowadays

My husband and I are longtime subscribers to The Lima News and have just renewed for the digital and two printed weekly papers. I want to thank the publishers of The Lima News for “hanging on” much longer than most other newspapers.

While I would prefer my daily printed paper, it’s not a sustainable business model any longer. Check around to see how many cities the size of Lima still have a daily printed paper. In Ann Arbor, Mich., my sister was forced into early retirement from her job as marketing director in 2009 when the Ann Arbor News made the switch to primarily digital daily papers.

Talk to your kids and grandkids, and you’ll find the majority of them laugh at the idea of a printed paper. Yes, I’ve cut out articles over the years with our kids’ then grandkids’ names and pictures “in the News.” With the digital option, it’s easy to print those off for those who will save them. Time marches on as the continued reliance on technology and instant access to news is the consumer preference.

Rather than criticizing the working staff at our local paper, you may want to consider helping the many people whose jobs are lost with the huge reduction of printing and delivery. They are going to need our support!

One suggestion I have is that the national news sources include some new media companies that are not following the same, tired narrative and mainstream media talking points. Now that would be refreshing!

Ruth Ann Stover



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