Letter: Shawnee firefighters were great in crisis

On March 26, the Shawnee Carlton House requested the emergency service of the Shawnee Township Fire Department for assistance. Their response was immediate. Their professionalism was top notch!

Not only did they make their first inspection of this seven-floor building by climbing the stairway with a full gear load of 90 pounds, they handled everything with calm and confidence!

Our Sunday morning was disturbed by one small squirrel blowing the transformer and ending our electric service for approximately four hours. Because of the uncertainty of what would happen when service was restored, Shawnee Fire was assisted by Lima, American Township and Cridersville fire departments and Allen County Red Cross.

Wall-to-wall first responders manually carried some our residents down the stairs and to safety. They also knocked on every door on every floor to make sure those who needed help received help. They assisted residents in the stairwells to make sure everyone was safe.

Not once did we hear anyone complain. Not once did we witness anything but courteous, encouraging and respectful behavior! We are so thankful for this great group of people! Our wish is that the Shawnee residents know how lucky we are to have such committed, talented first responders.

Donnia Gould



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