Letter: Good things happen when you’re in Lima

Reading The Lima News every day, all we ever read is the trials, robberies and domestic issues. I just want the good people of Lima to know there are good and helpful people in this community.

Just last week, because Walmart insists on putting Ice Mountain with 35 bottles on its shelves, people like me can’t reach them, let alone load them in my car.

While trying to load one of these in my car, somewhere this young boy, maybe 11 or 12, came up to me and offered to put them in my car. He was from Sidney. I didn’t see him coming. He just appeared.

And in the same week, while eating at Bob Evans (on Lima’s east side), a very nice gentleman paid for our dinner.

These were all in one week. A big shout out to these two folks. There are still good people in Lima. Think about doing something nice for someone. A big thank you two to these kind people.

Marsha Buchanan



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