Letter: USA, Florida more dangerous than Mexico

Despite all the violence in the news about Mexico lately, the President of Mexico is probably correct. The USA is more dangerous than Mexico. Why do I say that? The latest stats on guns in the USA is over 400 million, excluding those illegal, untraceable, non-metallic guns.

I live in Ada. Ohio, but have a condo in Miami three miles from Trump’s Doral Resort. And Florida, the home of Trumpo-Santiest anti-Wokeism, is making it easier to get guns, limiting debate in the legislature to one minute, banning books which Florida critics have not read and trying to thwart companies with legitimate and positive policies on Covid and inclusion that the governor disagrees with.

DeSantis is Trump without the obscene hilarity and dysfunctionality, but he’s just as demagogic. Florida is the state of alligators, mosquitoes, pythons, stand-your-ground racist vigilantism, hurricanes, recurring red tides, overdevelopment, drive-by shootings, mass gun attacks, bad water, brain-eating amoeba and very high property taxes, but no state income tax.

It also has vast wealth discrepancies. And DeSantis thinks Floridians need anti-Wokeism to solve their problems.

Michael B. Loughlin



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