Letter: Free bus rides would help fill empty jobs

Currently in 100 cities in the United States, public transportation is free. This makes sense for a lot of reasons. The bus never makes money. It costs money to collect fares and bank them and keep receipts, etc. By making the buses free, it will actually save money. If you have a job and a home, you probably have a car and don’t ride the bus.

Our businesses in Lima along with the rest of the country are having a heck of a time finding people to work. Not that their business is slow, it’s a situation where they can’t open up longer because they can’t find help.

The people who are of limited means don’t even have the money to cover a bus fare to go look for a job. This will encourage people who need a hand up to enter the workforce and better their lives.

Kansas City, Missouri, has free buses, another public service that the citizens pay taxes for. We pay a tax levy to fund the Allen County Regional Transit Authority, so why not just make the buses free, and let’s get more of our citizens participating in our local economy.

Jeffrey Perine



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