Letter: Figley’s column not based in reality

I’m not sure what planet Mark Figley lives on. In his March 22nd column regarding Tucker Carlson’s release of his “version” of the events of Jan. 6, Figley writes, “All told more than 40,000 hours of surveillance footage was recorded of the Jan. 6 protest. Why has most of it never been seen by the American public?”

I’m not sure what he was doing that day, but I know what I watched (being aired on all the networks) as it happened in real time on Jan. 6, and it certainly wasn’t tourists taking a stroll through the Capitol. It was a full-blown, riotous insurrection.

He also notes in his column that Mitch McConnell called Carlson’s portrayal “a mistake.”

Mitt Romney said Carlson “had gone off the rails” and that Republican Senator Thom Tills blasted the footage as “BS,” which pretty much describes Figley’s column.

Bev Thompson



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