Letter: ‘Woke’ culture the latest GOP tactic to scare you

Once conservatives succeeded in overturning Roe, they needed a new issue to rile up their base. The “woke” culture is their new baby.

I’m fairly certain that if you asked most of them to define “woke,” they would not be able to, the same with Critical Race Theory. Both of these terms are used to scare their base, and just like right-to-life issues, it gets them angry and afraid. The issues most relevant to the majority of us are climate, health care and jobs, which aren’t on their agenda.

Republicans used to claim they cared about personal freedom and the right to determine for themselves and their children’s medical decisions. They were loud critics of mask mandates and vaccines and refused to comply with both. Freedom to choose and manage your own medical decisions is only acceptable when you are on the right. If your political views are left-leaning, it is the government that controls those decisions.

Trumpism will live on long after its founder is gone. Trump has already said that if elected, his first day in office would be to overturn everything Biden put in place. This is how a second-grader would react. Trump, mentally, is a child, a nasty, vindictive one. When he loses in 2024, things will be much worse than Jan 6. If you believe that prolific liar, Tucker Carlson, this was not a violent attack on the capital, but a peaceful demonstration, and typical tourist activities.

How many of you have worn body armor and a mask as a tourist?

Sherri Eley



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