Letter: Enjoy Van Wert Civic Theatre’s ‘The Lion in Winter’

Now comes before us a tale ages old. Of family, and treachery, (set in France, I am told!).

Wherein a king at the age of 50, who proclaims his age quite a success, (to have lived longer than most anyone else while leading a life of excess), is trying to decide who should be his heir, the one to inherit his throne, while at the same time wanting to take a new wife and start a family of their own.

But alas he has a wife already, along with three sons locked in the basement. (Keep in mind these are not just three kids still living at home, but three kids fighting to be his replacement.)

The king would happily give up his throne if he can be spared his life and intentions. But his current, or is it former wife, has more than a few apprehensions. First, she wants to pick the heir, and she’d like to retain her land. And in some ways, she’d like to reclaim the king as her own, and once again go hand in hand.

So, we follow the trials and tribulations, the typical family strife. In which a family is trying to celebrate Christmas while everyone is carrying a knife. Will the family stay together? Or will it fracture and splinter?

To find out you’ll simply have to go see Van Wert’s “The Lion in Winter.”

The show runs the weekends of Feb. 9th and 16th with Thursday through Saturday shows at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. Tickets are available online at vwct.org or call 419-238-9689.

Jim Patton



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