Letter: Animal abuse, neglect still a violent crime

Animal abuse has drastically increased over the past three years.The increase in starved, tortured, abandoned dogs and cats is shameful.

Our domestic animals are living, breathing, loving beings. They only love and want to be loved.

However, our elected officials have allowed heinous acts of abuse on these innocent beings. If the abuse is brought to the attention of a prosecutor, it is often not taken to court. If it is, our judges do not give the punishment they should.

Myself and many animal advocates have tried for many, many years to be heard by Sen. Matt Huffman. He has not cared to respond. He obviously does not care about the concerns of his constituents.

The laws in place to protect our innocent animals are not enough.

The people that commit these heinous, violent acts should be locked up and never be allowed to have another animal.

There are far too many on Lima Police Department and Allen County Sheriff’s Office that do not care about this. There have been officers who have been downright nasty when we have called for help concerning such abuse.

The boys that beat the poor shepherd Titus to death and set him on fire are still walking our streets, undoubtedly committing other violent crimes. Three canines have been skinned and dumped on the street, one on Circular and two on Lakewood.

You would think these people in positions of power would not want evil people escalating their violent tendencies, but by not punishing them, they are part of the problem.

Our domestic animals are not property. They are emotional beings that deserve to be treated with kindness and love.

Ada Mason



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