Letter: Not sorry to see Pitts’ retirement

Talk about a Christmas miracle! There was one on the Dec. 18 editorial page of The Lima News… Leonard Pitts is retiring!

I have watched NFL games this year. Beyond the end zone, I have seen messages saying things like “End Racism” and “Stop Hate.” Racism is wrong, regardless of the skin color of the person spewing the racism. Pitts’ hatred of white, conservative Republicans — I am one — is quite obvious.

I believe in the 1st Amendment, but I am glad I will no longer see the hatred of Pitts in The Lima News.

I can understand why Pitts is miserable. He writes through the Miami Herald, and I am assuming he lives in Florida. That means that Ron DeSantis is his governor.

Talk about a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Pastor Robert King



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