Letter: Lie about student loan forgiveness and win

In 2012, then-Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, lied on the floor of the Senate by saying that presidential candidate Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in over 10 years. This allegation was labeled “pants on fire” by Politifact. In an interview years after the election, Reid said, “Well, they can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Fast forward to the 2022 midterms, where young voter turnout increased by 27% over the largest turnout since 2018. Why? Because Biden lied about the student loan forgiveness program.

On Oct. 23, just weeks before the election, Biden was quoted as saying, “I got it passed by a vote or two.” This was compelling to the young voters who wanted their contracts voided, free and clear. This was a total lie, as the concept of student loan forgiveness was by an executive order signed by Biden.

Biden could have had student loan forgiveness put before Congress for a vote into law, but that wasn’t the intent. Just lie and win. The same could be said about codifying Roe v. Wade to make it the law of the land. Let Americans see where their elected representatives stand on real issues. Again, it was never the point; lie and win. It’s all about staying in power.

Senatorial candidates in Arizona (Mark Kelly) and in Pennsylvania (John Fetterman) ran with the lie and won. Candidate Tim Ryan, in Ohio, was against the concept of student loan forgiveness and lost.

Craig Nichols



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