Letter: Ohio Senate should push for Unleaded 88

In the final weeks of this session, the Ohio General Assembly must prioritize House Bill 165, legislation that would increase access to Unleaded 88 fuel. This legislation was unanimously passed by the House in November 2021. Unfortunately, the Senate Ways and Means Committee has only held one hearing on it. This is frustrating considering the benefits of the bill and its widespread support.

As Ohioans plead for financial relief in the current economic climate, HB 165 awaits additional hearings and a vote. This bill offers a solution that is not only great for fuel consumers but would also benefit the environment and the state’s rural economy. Unleaded 88, which has 5% more ethanol than regular Unleaded 89, is consistently less expensive. In fact, a recent study showed that over the summer Ohioans who filled up with Unleaded 88 saved, on average, 21 cents per gallon.

Not to mention, ethanol is produced here! Ohio has seven ethanol plants that purchase corn from more than 5,300 Buckeye farmers. You can’t get more domestic than that.

Ohio families are looking for ways to save some money before the holidays, and HB 165 is an important solution. The Ohio Senate must act now.

Patty Mann

Jackson Center


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