Letter: Looking for answers since 1998

​I was told in 1988 that I had Alopecia Areata Universallitus Totallis. I was told this after a trip to the Cleveland Clinic and a dermatologist specialist.

I am bald, no hair anyplace on my body. The explanation for this is really unexplainable.

I crushed my left foot so badly, it would not heal. I was told if I did not have pins and plates inserted, I would have a permanent limp. Those plates back then were metallic.

Dermatologist experts said that the metallic plates that I still have today caused the change in my immune system. My body is charged up and fighting off everything 24/7. I rarely get sick with cold or flu.

I recall a good friend asked me if I would be willing to donate blood to his dying mother, since my blood was so charged up it might help. I said yes, of course. I use to read everything I could about it, just staying in the house to myself.

One evening after work, I saw a person at the grocery. While trying to avoid them, they said, “What happened to you?” While trying to explain, that person said, “If I looked like that, I’d just kill myself.”

I thought about that all the way home. Great wife, awesome children, good job, nice house. They actually saved my life that night. I

remember that day at the Cleveland Clinic: This disorder will never hurt you unless you let it. After all these years, I just wondered if there was anyone else in this area. Maybe we could talk together and get answers together. I’m on Facebook.

Jon M. Rogers



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