Letter: Bad days ahead after Tuesday’s election

Oh, where to begin, Ohio! Thanks to a gerrymandered state, we get to enjoy basically a total Republican-run state government.

Thanks to our Republican legislation, we can introduce three conservative judges to our Supreme Court. Putting an R or a D behind each judge’s name made it easier for the uninformed Republican voter to identify and vote for the Republican judges (supposedly apolitical) to make it possible for our court to approve all the dirty work our Republican legislature does, when challenged. This is the perfect plan for the Republican autocracy we are about to witness for the next decade.

They’re taking credit for things the Biden administration brings to our state is priceless, like large companies building in Columbus, including Intel, Google and Amazon. Jim Jordan and Rob Portman voted no for the CHIPS Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act, but our state Republicans are quick to take credit for the benefits. That is rich!

Ladies of Ohio, get ready for a total abortion ban. The state of Ohio will now have control of your body and your health rights.

Hang on Ohio!

Scott Hofacker

Perry Township


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