Letter: Salvation Army doesn’t need info to give out coats

I read the Briefly news article in last Friday’s newspaper, “Salvation Army to distribute coat donations.”

I am totally floored to read about the onerous demands the Salvation Army has placed on anyone to claim a coat for which they have signed up, which in itself is unusual.

They demand a person claiming a coat to bring a driver’s license or a state ID, birth certificate for children, Social Security card or guardian papers for children. Wait, there’s more to come! They also demand proof of income and a recent utility bill?

It is very disturbing to note that a charitable agency which is a recipient of United Way and personal donations is demanding so many documents, as if they are applying for a bank loan or registering to vote.

I suppose that in this age of political turmoil, there are no limits to the invasion of privacy, even for getting a coat to keep you warm, which by the way are mostly donated items.

It is shameful for the Salvation Army to behave in this manner. I for sure will reconsider my annual support for them.

Narendra Bansal