Letter: Special treatment not warranted

In response to a letter about Darius Gordon, the starting quarterback for Lima Senior High School who was suspended, sentence and fined a $150 fine for theft, are you kidding me?

I’ve heard others get a lot worse.

Because he was a Star quarterback that led Lima Senior to a championship and into the playoffs, it doesn’t gives him the right to go out and steal. What are we teaching these kids with just a slap on the wrist. So he cannot go back to J.C. Penney’s, big deal.

You see it in the news all the time with sports. Someone famous gets into trouble and most of the time they get a light sentence because they’re put on this pedestal and think they can’t be touched. I’m not saying jail time, but something more than a slap on the wrist needs to happen. He could have done community service for the less fortunate. Let him join the Big Brother Program or Teens for Christ and help other boys so they don’t go down the same road. Younger boys would look up to him since he was a star quarterback. He could set a good example.

— Regina Harrod, Lima