Letter: Vote for Kasich makes sense

Ours is a nation on the brink.

We are faced with what is likely to be the most important election in our country’s history. There are more people on the government’s dole than ever before. Hard working Americans find it increasingly difficult to stay in the middle class. Retiree’s see their lifelong earnings as being both insufficient and perilously unsafe. The world has become an increasingly dangerous place and international tensions threaten to destroy the delicate balance between nations. Add to this, social unrest, environmental issues, and a national debt that increases by over $2 billion per day and you have a world situation ripe for revolution.

As the leaders of the free world, Americans must choose their leaders responsibly. Knee jerk emotions and blind faith in impossible promises won’t cut it. As a lifelong Republican and a firm believer in the Constitution, I am faced with the following options: An avowed Socialist, a lying criminal under investigation by the FBI, two weak Republican candidates , and Donald Trump, a juvenile, egomaniac that has amassed a fortune by imposing his will upon weaker individuals and using the legal system as the conduit to his success.

Can any of us imagine in our wildest nightmare Dwight D. Eisenhour, after hearing Nikita Krushchev say “ he will bury America” pointing a finger and saying Fat Nikita, Fat, Nikita. Whether you are fond of John Kaisich or not, he is clearly our only choice if we truly care about our country. If Kaisich is elected we still have a fighting chance to balance the budget, cut the trade deficit, restore world order, and continue to have the freedoms guaranteed under the constitution. If not all may be lost.

— Lee Yoakam, LaFayette