Letter: Huffman tackles tough issues

I would like to declare my support of Matt Huffman as our next state senator.

Matt has been an exemplary public servant for Lima and Allen County. He demonstrated a work ethic I admire while he served on Lima City Council for 15 years and two terms as our as our 4th District State Representative.

As I look closer at his activity in our State House, his work ethic becomes even more impressive. He has served in multiple leadership positions including two years as the Speaker Pro Tempore. He has tackled the tough issues: medical reform, education, fiscal restraint and legislative ethics—-all the while holding firm to a clear ideology that is principled and well informed.

I can clearly recall, from several years ago, discussing with Matt an important federal issue where he helped clarify my thinking by reciting the 10th Amendment of the Constitution regarding the limitation of federal authority. I find this fair approach to policy-making very refreshing in our opportunistic society that seems to adhere to no clear principles.

In addition to Matt’s intellect and work ethic, I can attest to the fact that he is an approachable and patient listener even to people who have differing opinions. I am confident that the values of the citizens of the 12th Senate District will be well represented with Matt Huffman as our next state senator.

— Dr. Matthew M. Akers, Lima