Letter: A tale of two politicians

I attended the Heartland Patriots “Meet the Candidates” night. I posed a question to our current state representative Tony Burkley about House Bill 190. Mr. Burkley is a co-author of the bill. I asked him if he thought the current wind turbine setback laws holding up Apex from building Phases 1 and 2 in Van Wert should be a township/village decision or a County level decision.

He dodged my direct question with why he drafted HB 190. His answer was legitimate as to why he co-authored the bill. I supported what he said. But he did not answer my question. So I respectfully probed him to give his opinion on who should have the say, our three commissioners or our township level trustees and village councils about setback laws. He dodged again.

His challenger, Craig Riedel, not only answered my question, he slam dunked it. He said he is “not against alternative energy at all, but he is against companies that are subsidized.” Mr. Riedel went on to say that he supports a decision to filter down and empower the township/village level representatives. I know many people who are for and against this wind farm project.

Mr. Riedel had the courage to give the people an answer, right or wrong, depending on where you stand. Mr. Burkley answered like a politician. Is that what we want in our leaders? I am strongly supporting Mr. Riedel and I’ve gotten to know him pretty well since then. He is a genuine, sincere, passionate, and charismatic man.

— Jeremy Kitson, Wren