Letter: Zimmerman has right temperament

Judge William Zimmerman Sr. is a Republican candidate for judge on the 3rd District Court of Appeals in the March Primary. Judge Zimmerman is currently in his second term as the Juvenile Common Pleas andProbate Judge for Shelby County.

As a school administrator, I have worked with Judge Zimmerman during his tenure on the bench. I have been impressed with his willingness to work with the Shelby County Schools to do what is best for the students who are brought into his courtroom. I have found him to be passionate about his profession. He is fair and impartial. He is also an even tempered individual who displays a passion for justice. As our Juvenile Judge, he is able to think outside the box. He makes every effort to find ways for juveniles not only to be accountable for their actions, but to learn from their mistakes.

He is open minded while judiciously weighing all facts from a disciplined and objective point of view. Judge Zimmerman believes in the rights of the victim but never forgets the rights of the accused.

In addition to having firsthand knowledge of how he operates his court room, I have watched Judge Zimmerman when he worked tirelessly doing community service for Sidney and Shelby County. I have witnessed firsthand his flawless integrity and outstanding character. I believe he is not only the most experienced choice but also a perfect choice for Judge on the 3rd District Court of Appeals.

Judge Zimmerman has the experience, the dedication, and temperament to be an excellent addition for the 3rd District Court of Appeals in the March Primary. A vote for Judge Zimmerman is a vote for justice.

— Connie Schneider, superintendent of Botkins Local School