Letter: Trump the worst of bad choices

Another election season is here—perhaps the most important one in years. I am not telling anyone how to vote but these are my observations.


• A socialist who wants government to pay for everything for everyone and who feels 90 percent tax rate for certain people is alright. Where does the money come from if everyone decides not to work?

• Someone that lied to us and refused to help our ambassador when he asked for more security. After all “what difference does it make?” Would it have made a difference if it has been HER relative asking for help?

• A man who has attacked everyone, has not offered any policies or plans, engaged in name calling and referred to body parts during a debate and whose supporters are doing the same thing to people who disagree with them. All other Republican candidates have said they will support whoever the nominee is, but one has threatened to leave the party if he is not nominated. We already have a spoiled boy who acts like a dictator (remember the magic pen) in the White House now—do we really want another one?

I am beginning to think that Mr. Trump never expected to get this far and has no plan. Or he really wants to split the Republican Party so that the Democrats will win in November. I really don’t know who I will vote for, but I want a mature adult who can explain ideas and plans without name calling, rolling of his eyes, facial gestures, and demeaning other and the office of the president.

— Jean Gilroy, Wapakoneta