Letter: Ted Cruz a true conservative

Are you a Republican voter who has suffered through the debates and the continual nationwide shame of name calling, lying, and childlike actions of Donald Trump and Marco Rubio? The rest of Washington’s Republican leadership look and sound as senseless as ever.

Where is the leadership?

Mitt Romney opens his mouth and Trump gathers in another 100 delegates. Rubio lowers himself to Trump’s name-calling and argumentative bullying and doesn’t realize he sounds like Trump’s “Minnie Me.” Who do we vote for in this overloaded Republican primary?

I really had hopes of John Kasich having a better showing in the polls. He most likely won’t win his own state. Should we waste our vote for Kasich or Rubio knowing full well there is no chance of either winning?

Only one man can beat Trump and Clinton. Ted Cruz is the man who could win hands down if voters weren’t wasting their votes on Rubio and Kasich. If the mainstream Republicans don’t want Trump, they should put pressure on Rubio and Kasich to step down and endorse Cruz for the nomination. This won’t happen as most of the lameduck Republican leaders despise Ted Cruz for his conservative and strong belief in our Constitutional Rights.

I can’t and won’t waste my vote this time. I wasted it years ago on Mitt Romney. Don’t allow the national news networks to pick your next candidate as they did with Obama. Vote for the true conservative, Ted Cruz.

— William G. Kimmel, Harrod