Letter: No status quo with Riedel

We have the opportunity to designate an eager and enthusiastic man by the name of Craig Riedel for the next State Representative for the 82nd House District. I have known Craig and his family all of my life and cannot think of a more worthy and deserving individual. He is a family man, a business man, and an all around loyal individual.

Craig has 27 years of experience in the private business sector and possesses a strong background in strategic planning. He is fiscally conservative and comprehends the limitations of industrial regulations. Craig is an outstanding communicator, listener, and team player.

Craig and his family initially settled in Defiance in 1989. Later, they lived in Grand Rapids for a few years, but shortly returned to Defiance in 2002 and have been vigorous supporters of the Defiance Community ever since. Their children, Steve and Renee, both graduated from Defiance High School and went on to pursue higher education at The Ohio State University where they graduated and went on to attain professional jobs in the Columbus and Chicago areas. Craig’s children, and his wife, Danette are his biggest supporters. Recently retired, Craig is highly motivated to pursue his passion for public service and is determined to outshine the incumbent from Payne, Ohio, in Tuesday’s Republican Primary.

Northwest Ohio has been in a state of inaction or suspension for too long. It is time for the politicians in Columbus to be challenged. Craig Riedel will challenge them. He is the right candidate for the position.

— Maria A. Dobie, Wapakoneta