Letter: Wind farms a blessing

Our family farm is back door to a wind energy farm. As a matter of fact, we have a turbine just one-forth mile from our farmstead and 75 turbines or so within five miles. The only noise we hear is from the traffic on the U.S. 30 bypass.

Iberdrola Renewables and wind energy has made Van Wert and Paulding Counties a better place to live. They have brought us profit and progress. Let’s allow the facts to speak for themselves:

• Wind farms provide $3.6 million in property taxes each year locally — great for our schools, right? This is funding the school districts don’t have to turn to the voters for!

• They also pay annually $3 million in landowner lease payments — resources that are put back in to the local economy.

It’s hard to even consider those numbers “corporate greed.” We know the kind of impact wind energy has had in our community and it’s the best thing that has happened in over 30 years. Wind energy is not trespassing, it’s utilizing the very wind we have been “blessed with” and in the end it is beneficial for all. For that we are grateful.

— Cathy Thomas, Convoy