Letter: Hot air about wind turbines

Mr. Bill Dowler states he has no knowledge of anyone suffering from the ill effects of wind turbines. Could it be that the people suffering from ill effects of these turbines, and there are plenty, are unable to speak of them?

I have done my own research on wind turbines and I am under the impression that many of the contracts signed by people contain a clause in which they are forbidden to speak of their discouragingly personal experiences. I cannot fathom why anyone would sign such a contract! If the turbines are so great, why the clause to keep quiet?

Mr. Dowler also mentions the increased land values brought about due to wind turbines. I can tell you from personal experience that the value of my property has decreased since a wind turbine sight was erected within two miles of my home. A tax assessment was done on my property a year ago and my property value was down approximately 10 percent.

One last thing, Mr. Dowler mentions the great jobs provided by a turbine site. I am curious as to how many permanent jobs he believes were created by the Blue Creek turbine field in Van Wert. It is my understanding that less than 10 permanent jobs were created. I believe that most would agree that those numbers are very minimal.

— Richard Hines, Citizens for Clear Skies, Van Wert