Letter: Clear the name of Doug Wine

I am writing this letter to hopefully bring back to the forefront a travesty of justice that has gone uncorrected. I am speaking of the case involving Doug Wine and him being convicted.

I did not attend the trial and at that time I assumed the legal system would make the correct decision. When Doug was found guilty and sentenced, I, like many, was surprised that this could have taken place. I was puzzled that a man I had known as a man of character and integrity would now be labeled as a convicted sex offender. Again I assumed the court system had gotten it right. But now, several years later, I think they, in fact, got it completely wrong.

What has changed my mind?

I recently read Brice Brennemen’s “Twelve Reasons I Believe Doug Wine is Innocent” and watched a short video. Both capture and shed light on many of the wrongs, mishandlings, and holes in the case itself. Most convincing was when I actually visited the Wine’s residence and looked in the room where the so called “act” took place, and got a chance to speak with the Wines and could see with my own eyes that physically, the allegations could never have actually taken place.

Take six minutes to check out the video at: https://dougwineisinnocent.wordpress.com, and then go ahead and read Mr. Brennemen’s essay and start a conversation. It is time to get this case back into the courts and help clear the name of a fellow Roughrider.

— Michael Reams, Wapakoneta