Letter: Cheryl Blakely a true conservative

Folks often find themselves in a quandary when it comes to voting. If it was just a matter of who is liberal and who is not, voting would be easy. However there is the matter of deception that creeps into politics when you have both liberals and conservatives within the same party. Such is the case of the Republican Party.

Once a true conservative party, it is now divided into the moderates and the grassroot conservatives. In recent years we have seen the moderates infiltrate the party, changing the platform from a strong conservative base to one that no longer serves the wishes of the citizens. It has become a cesspool of power and special interests groups who salivate over federal grants at the expense of individual liberties. We have seen this on the national, state and on the local level. From our governor to many state senators, to many of the members of city councils, we have been subjected to the moderate doctrine of the party.

In the past few years I have worked with Cheryl Blakely defending the sanctity of life, individual property rights and the First and Second Amendment liberties. She has stood firm against Common Core indoctrination of our youth and has campaigned for grassroot conservatives who were running for office. She believes it is her duty to run for OSCC in order to make the Conservative voice heard and defend the U.S. and Ohio Constitution.

Let’s begin taking back our party by electing Blakely for State Central Committee

— Diann M Risner, Findlay