Letter: Where have manners gone?

“Where have all the flowers gone?”

This was a popular song in 1955, sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary. This is not my question. My question is, “Where have all the manners gone?”

Today, it seems that it is in vogue to be rude, argumentative, insulting, derogatory, offensive, abusive, uncivil, plus more words that I cannot think of.

You see it on TV (“The Jerry Springer Show” comes to mind), in the movies, in the newspaper funnies, on the talk shows, in the newspaper, in political cartoons, IT’S EVERYWHERE, IT’S EVERYWHERE.

You find some of the worst examples in politics. Strange, the very people who want us to elect them to run our city, state, or country are content to say the very meanest things about each other and about us. (Remember the 47 percent phrase in the last presidential election?)

It seems that bad manners come to their full flower on the Internet. Here is a place where we can all get in the act of being mean. Advice: Stay away from it all. The lucky people today are the people who do not even own a computer. Amen!

Back to songs — Kermit The Frog sang “It’s not easy being green” and it is a wonderful song (to me). But the song many in today’s America will sing is — “It is easy being mean”!

I guess you have to be old to remember when “good manners” was a “good thing,” as Martha Stewart would say. Try some “good manners” on for size as see if the fit is “good for you.”

Remember, kids are watching us! Are you listening Mr. Trump?

George Haver, Lima