Letter: Walker’s love for America speaks out

When Scott Walker threw his hat into the Republican Party presidential ring, he spoke for 30 minutes and I could not see a teleprompter anywhere. He spoke from his heart.

Our government is full of bureaucrats who work very hard to entice people into their entitlement trap and keep them there. The government has written welfare rules to drive off fathers and make the women and children dependent. The government should encourage the father being in their child’s life to promote a stable family. Children prosper in a stable loving mother/father family.

Regarding family, Walker said “I got from my parents and my grandparents the belief that if you work hard and you play by the rules, here in America you can do and be anything you want.”

Walker spoke of his love for the United States and his vision for a county with a smaller leaner government which is focused on the individual and encouraging that individual to excell. He is for local control of schools. He would end obamacare. He spoke of the labor unions who tried to defeat him in the blue collar state of Wisconsin. He showed Wisconsin taxpayers that those unions had put their hands into the pocket of every taxpayer for their own ends.

In Obama’s world the government measures the number of people receiving other taxpayers money as measure of success. In Scott Walker’s, his government would measure success by the number of people who no longer need government help. We have way too much government and it is not good for us or our economy. The world would respect Walker’s America. This would be new.

— Phillip C Sellati, Lima