Letter: Make apple pie, not applesauce

Dear Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey:

Regarding the choice of the year. To sell or not to sell WBGSU, which serves as this area’s PBS station.

That is the question!

There are a lot of pros and cons for this dilemma. One pro is money, but that is only a one time deal. Spend it and it is gone. That is the thing about money. It does not renew itself. However, an apple tree will give apples every year.

One con of selling and closing the station is the hurt given to thousands of users of the quality the station has to offer. We would be the apples that come back to the station almost daily. We apples are possible future students at the school called BGSU. Don’t hurt us.

Another con of selling, it may hurt your legacy as the leader of a fine institution. You would forever be known as the leader that chopped down the apple tree. Future students would look at the cutting of the tree and consider it when making an application to ‘some’ university.

You have a great opportunity: to be a champion for all the apples and keep the station going; or, be the slayer of all the ‘good will’ built up over more than 50 years. Putting an end to the childhood education of many future apples who may come to BGSU. (They need Sesame Street.)

Dr. Mazey, please make apple pie and do not make applesauce. Save our present and future entertainment and education. A child needs a good TV station and that would be a very good thing. Offer the apples understanding and care and your apples will grow and grow.

Phyllis J. Conley, Lima