Letter: Symphony chorus changes disappointing to former member

I received a very disturbing letter over the weekend of July 9 from an organization that I loved and was very proud to be a member of, The Lima Symphony Chorus.

The letter stated that membership was now by “invitation only,” based on the need for better balance between voices with better style and control of vibrato. This was also based on attendance and participation.

We were all brought in by audition. Many have been members longer than I have. They have given many hours of group and private practice to make the choral performance enjoyable for all. I myself put together the choral library and handled all the music for each concert (no small task for a 70 member chorus) and got not one word of thanks from the leadership or the front office.

When I got this letter of “uninvitation,” not only was I crushed, but I’m sure the ones who worked longer and harder than I were crestfallen … all to suit leadership ego.

If the Lima Symphony Orchestra organization is to become an elitist club and people are disposable, do I even want to be a part of it, or encourage others to be a part of it? (I brought three people in over the years.) In the letter, I was still asked to support the Lima Symphony.

Oh, what’s this? This letter was printed on the stationary I spent several hours designing.

Marlene Wrasman, Delphos