Letter: Judges shouldn’t decide about women’s abortions

Have you ever looked intently at the nine black-robed Supreme Court justices and wondered how those sinners can sit in judgment over women’s bodies? It is incomprehensible how five of those justices might overturn a law; Roe v. Wade 1972, which for 50 years has given women the right to choose what is best for their womb.

The greatest man that ever lived once told a crowd ready to stone a woman, “He who is without sin let him cast the first stone” (John . 8:7), and all the stones fell from the hands ready to kill a woman for adultery. It is a cruel thing to play “God” and decide for all time to limit a woman the choice to do what she feels is best for her womb. Every civilized nation in the world allows abortion, except perhaps for the United States of America?

Women throughout history have been given the privilege to protect the fetus until it is ready to enter the world or to abort when the conditions are not favorable to continue until it is ready to become a person. This nation should not be given the right to determine what is a woman’s God-given right to decide one way or the other what is best for her womb.

We are all sinners in need of grace. Let the one who is without sin condemn a woman for abortion.

Carl D. Liechty