Editorial: Up in the air, this athlete is down to earth

Which professional athlete would turn down a free first-class seat, preferring to stay in coach?

Which professional athlete would be flying out of Miami not after a night of hard partying on South Beach, but rather making a connection from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, after doing relief work there?

And, which professional athlete, instead of trying to remain “low pro” and not be bothered by fans, would go out of his way to greet admiring fans seeking autographs and photos?

The answer: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

An April 12 Miami-to-Philadelphia flight started off routine until Wentz boarded. He was smiling and being very friendly, saying hello and shaking hands with doting fans. Surprisingly, he continued through the first-class cabin to take his seat in coach.

A passenger in first class offered Wentz his seat. The quarterback smiled and politely said, “No, thank you, but I am fine back here.”

Wentz wore a cross on his neck.

What a great role model for our children.

The Philadelphia Inquirer