Letter: Politicians must start doing will of the people

Why do Ohioans keep electing politicians who refuse to do the will of the people, so that the people have to spend their own time, energy and money to get what they want, either through a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment or a citizen-initiated statute?

Examples include:

• Casino gambling, 2009. This citizen-initiated constitutional amendment was approved by 52% of the voters.

• Medical marijuana, 2016. Ohioans only have medical marijuana because Ohioans for Medical Marijuana (and sick people) threatened to launch a petition for a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment.

• Abortion, November 2023. This citizen-initiated constitutional amendment was approved by 57% of the voters.

• Recreational marijuana, November 2023. This citizen-initiated statute was approved by 57% of the voters.

The correct answer is:

• Gerrymandering. In November 2024, voters will have a chance to vote on yet another citizen-initiated constitutional amendment to remove redistricting from the hands of politicians and lobbyists and put it in the hands of a commission led by citizens.

This effort is being advanced by citizens, not politicians. You can thank whatever God you pray to that this amendment’s approval will not take a 60% majority vote, again because 57% of voters said no on Issue No. 1.

Minor O. Dickason



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