Letter: Data center could bring good things to Perry Township

Perry has a significant opportunity to transform our township’s economic landscape by welcoming a data center that could greatly benefit our public services and schools. A zoning modification is a critical first step to signal to data center prospectors that our community is open to this development. Data centers are quieter, cleaner and more visually harmonious compared to the uses currently listed in Perry’s existing zoning articles.

The involved land owners and Perry’s zoning board fully support starting the process of public review. Additionally, Allen County officials offered encouragement to Perry Township trustees to explore the possible benefits and opportunities at the June 4th meeting.

It will be very sad for Perry Township to lose this opportunity to another community that will harvest the advantages for its constituents. We must not allow the fear of change to create a resistance to this economic opportunity. May we be forward-thinkers and embrace this opportunity with confidence and enthusiasm, knowing that it will bring extensive and enduring benefits.

Mike Reynolds

Perry Township


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