Letter: Apple’s latest blow to small businesses

Running a successful comic book shop is a passion project of mine, but it is also my full-time job and how I provide for my family. Any small business owner will tell you what a huge undertaking running a small business can be, and my store is no exception.

Since the emergence of social media tools, the ability to advertise locally is tremendously easier and has given me the ability to make sure potential customers see my ads. With 10,000-plus followers, my company, Alter Ego Comics, has a broad reach, but being able to tailor local advertising to the right audience, in an affordable way, is key.

Recently, tech giant Apple began charging 30% more to boost content on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. What is typically a quick, cost-effective way to reach more people is now inflated like everything else is nowadays. This is inconvenient at best and is charging the “little guy,” when all we are doing is trying to run our businesses.

Congress should look into these fees and do what’s best for small businesses.

Mark Bowker



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