Letter: Judge, prosecutor should explain themselves to Wine

I found my March 23 The Lima News very interesting reading. First, I saw a letter from William Baker (currently incarcerated) commending Brice Brenneman, Ron Lora and myself for “bringing to light” the injustices Doug Wine has suffered at the hands of Auglaize County Prosecutor Ed Pierce and Judge Frederick Pepple specifically and the Ohio justice system in general.

As anyone who has read Brenneman’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Wine” knows, Wine is 100% innocent of the bizarre allegation made by his mother-in-law. Yet Judge Pepple recently denied Wine removal from the Ohio sex offender registry despite 10 years of model living, accepting a report from someone at the probation department who had never met Wine over a psychiatrist who had spent 15 hours with Wine and strongly recommended he be removed from the registry.

On page 4C of the same paper, Mackenzi Klemann writes an article in which sex offender Cole Fishbach, a high school coach who was sexually involved with a 14-year-old girl, had half of his sentence suspended originally by Judge Pepple. Why was mercy shown to him and not Dr. Wine?

I continue to be amazed that a wrongful conviction that is so obvious (read the book) has not been corrected and that none of the authorities in Auglaize County have been held accountable. Is it possible Prosecutor Pierce and Judge Pepple are upset that Brenneman has publicized their misdeeds and are taking it out on Wine? Please explain your actions, Judge Pepple.

Larry Esmonde



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