Letter: Court system more interested in convictions than justice

I want to thank Ron Lora, Larry Esdmonde and Brice Brenneman for not only bringing to light Dr. Doug Wine’s case but all criminal cases in Ohio.

The judges, along with the prosecutors have perverted our justice system and will create a miscarriage of justice without regard to the law. It seems that in Ohio, the prosecutors and judges think they are above the law and can misuse it as they see fit just to get a conviction, instead of proving actual facts of truth in criminal cases.

I can relate to Dr. Wine because I myself am in the same position. Yes, I am incarcerated. I also was convicted of a crime I didn’t commit. The prosecutor, who got a judge seat from my case, Terri Kohlrieser, knew the story against me was made up, plus several statements didn’t match to the story. She even went as far as using untested and false evidence to persuade the jury to convict an innocent man.

This is not only about Dr. Wine and myself. It is about all innocent men and women being incarcerated in Ohio prisons for many years and not receiving justice because of a collapsed justice system.

Improper policies, misuse of the rules of law and misinterpretations of the laws by judges and prosecutors led to the over-incarceration of innocent people in Ohio. The lawmakers, judges and prosecutors create a mirage for the average Ohioan who doesn’t understand the law. Therefore, they cannot know of the misuse of the law against their fellow Ohioans.

People of this great state of Ohio, please help to make our justice system fair, equally applied and righteous to all Ohioans.

William Baker



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