Letter: Tuesday’s primary ballots waste time and money

Here’s what Ohio taxpayers will get for the $20 million that will be spent on the upcoming primary election. First, you are forced to pick a party. If you don’t, you will only get to vote on any levies that are on the ballot. Free and fair elections?

If you pick either party ballot, you have a foregone conclusion between two very poor candidates at the top of the ballot. RFK ’24! He’s the only candidate not under investigation or indictment, so he can’t get the time of day from the media.

On the Republican side, you have the election of who has sucked up to Trump enough to be nominated for the Senate. Isn’t there something about checks and balances?

You also have elections for state party central committee. It continues to baffle me as to how all taxpayers are funding an election for a position within a political party. Gotta love the fact that they elect one man and one woman.

There are 18 uncontested races on the Republican ballot.

The Democratic ballot is an even more pitiful exercise in futility. There are 12 slots on the ballot where no petition was filed. There is a contested race to see who gets to face Jim Jordan. Bless you folks. There is a contested race for Supreme Court justice.

Not a lot of bang for the buck.

Is it time to revolt against the political parties and not hold any more primary elections?

Terry J. Knebel



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