Letter: Is Republican primary voting or going through the motions?

Election time 2024, somewhat. Provided limited outlets, no local talk radio shows and reduced newspaper offerings, opinions still matter. Below represents those mentioned to me. Has politics remained local or a non-citizen-driven top down approach?

Local elections: uncontested, again. Elect or re-elect the selected, retired or rehired. Party incumbent endorsements with officials’/citizens’ reluctant public support, discourages citizens’ participation. Many complain quietly then appease the process; don’t expect changes then. Good for the county? Do we elect local party central committeeman anymore? Do you know yours? Do citizens care?

Statewide: Believing established state republicans; legislators or the party is difficult. Good policy works obscured by reneged special election promises, HB 6 Scandal, Householder and insider agendas of the party.

Many question the actual representation of our elected officials; who is their election benefitting, themselves or citizens?

People voted in term limits for a reason but overlooked eliminating the office-swapping moves of Huffman and Manchester. Not new, just overdone. Answers her endorsement over Dr. Sreenan, she agreed to the dance.

Satisfied with Ohio Republican Party, Gov. DeWine and state party actions? Why don’t we ever know more about this position? State Central Committee contest provides choices; long-serving Keith Cheney vs. challenger Jake Eilerman.

We still have the opportunity for being the best party. Yet supporting those who support establishment Republicanism will be costly.

Nationally: President Donald Trump has proven American revitalization, common-sense solutions and puts America first!

Congressman Jordan is necessary in Washington, D.C.

Bernie Moreno was endorsed by Trump, Ted Cruz, JD Vance and is the only candidate for winning the general election.

Elect statesmen over just partisan candidates; representing people first, not party and not career politicians!

Brian Cheney



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