Letter: Brubaker has qualifications to be Putnam Co. commissoner

Brad Brubaker has all the necessary qualifications to be a commissioner: In his early 20’s until today at the age of 55, he has served the people of Putnam County as an EMT, a police officer and police chief, sheriff deputy and sheriff department captain, 20 years as 911 coordinator and seven terms (28-year member) of the Columbus Grove school board. He has certified training and continuing education in all these fields. Brubaker’s service to Putnam County includes being a student driver instructor.

Brubaker’s volunteerism includes serving as a member and president of Crime Victim Services, domestic violence awareness, Putnam County juvenile courts, state sheriff association, church trustee and church council member and other lifetime service to his community and Putnam County. Brubaker’s devotion to people shows in his lifelong commitment to serving others.

Brubaker’s leadership and experience in the administrative side of county government includes budgeting, working with multi-million-dollar budgets, hiring and retaining employees and respecting and appreciating employees and the people of Putnam County. It makes him makes him the right choice for Putnam County commissioner.

Carol Fortman-Bunn



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