Letter: Shameful finger-pointing between parties in Congress

The Republicans complain about government spending and say the Democrats are the irrational spenders. Numbers don’t lie.

The Freedom Caucus says to return spending to 2020 levels, and we balance the budget with current tax receipts to the Treasury. This is correct. When you make a deal, it should be fair to all.

The defense budget in 2020 was $721 billion. Now in 2024 it’s $886 billion. It went up that much in four years! So the Republicans would offer to cut defense spending by $165 billion if the Democrats take the same level of cuts to Social programs?

Again the Democrats view this as Republicans not being honest brokers at all. They are saying the Democrats are to give up everything, and the Republicans are unwilling to give up anything. That’s laughable.

Taxes should go up to fund this level of spending. Otherwise the fault goes to all of Congress. They are unable to function. As Americans, we are watching opposing parties in a boat with a hole in it, and instead of bailing water, they point fingers at each other as the boat sinks. This is shameful how they act.

Jeffrey Perine



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