Letter: Weren’t you an embryo once?

I can’t help but comment on the recent decision of the Alabama Supreme Court concerning the status of embryos.

I applaud their ruling concerning the status of embryos as children. The outcry of those favoring in-vitro fertilization are treating the embryos that don’t implant as disposable tissue. (Too bad, it didn’t make it.)

If you believe that life begins at conception, it would be unthinkable to consider in-vitro fertilization. Now the Republican Party and many of our candidates are shaking in their boots, changing their opinions and getting on the abortion bandwagon just in a different point after God’s creation. (True colors being shown with public opinion’s sway?)

Every person reading this letter was an embryo once (including the mind-changing candidates). What if that “disposable tissue” was you that didn’t implant? Yes, depending on your age, that embryo could have been you. Yes, it’s a woman’s body, but IVF is the same thing as an abortion. I wonder how these women feel about the child lost in IVF (disposable tissue)? Or do they care? God help this country when it runs on public opinion.

To quote the movie “Man for All Seasons,” Thomas More said, “I think when statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of public duty, they lead their own country on a short route to chaos.”

Life begins at God-given conception. I can feel for those wanting a child. I’m childless myself. But there are plenty of children out there waiting for adoption (adoption, the loving option). Please think of this before you kill children through IFV. You were an embryo at one time too.

Marlene Schulze



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