Letter: Wine’s case deserves a review after 10 years

I want to thank Brice Brenneman for his recent guest column which pointed out clearly the miscarriage of justice Judge Frederick Pepple and his cohorts in Auglaize County continue to carry out against Dr. Doug Wine.

A report from someone in the probation department who never met or communicated with Dr. Wine is accepted by Pepple as reason to cancel a scheduled hearing and deny Wine’s request to be removed from the sex offender registry after 10 years of model living. It sounds like the original trial, where Judge Pepple allowed Prosecutor Ed Pierce to enter conversations based on a bogus polygraph exam. Jurors later said it was this evidence that led to a guilty verdict.

In his column, Brenneman cites the case of a young man in Chicago who was wrongfully convicted based on eyewitness testimony of a witness who turned out to be legally blind. When the authorities found out (10 years later) they admitted their mistake, and the innocent man was released from prison. This leaves me with a question for Judge Pepple and Prosecutor Pierce.

Now that you know that the polygraph evidence you used at Wine’s trial was bogus, when are you going to admit this and exonerate a 100% innocent man?

The conduct of these two men at Wine’s trial and the recent denial of Wine’s request for removal from the registry should be investigated.

Where is justice?

Larry Esmonde



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