Letter: Biden border catastrophe shows he can’t lead U.S.

Coming after the attacks by illegals on New York policemen, gang assaults and robberies in New York City’s Times Square comes the murder of a Georgia college nursing student.

Arrested for this murder is an illegal from Venezuela.

Thanks to the open-border policy of our senile President, Joe Biden, a beautiful young woman is now dead.

Does it seem appropriate that one murder should be given so much attention when the flow of illegals and drugs coming across our borders is responsible for the deaths of literally thousands of American citizens? Perhaps we should consider this latest outrage as the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Enough is enough. Biden and the progressive Democrats who are trying to destroy the soul and culture of our country must be defeated.

When you hear Democrat after Democrat defending Biden as a sharp, capable and in-charge executive, you must wonder if they are seeing the same person that the rest of us are. One would think that Biden should be impeached and removed from office, but that would leave us with an even worse alternative of a vice president who does not even have the excuse of senility to blame for her incompetence.

Our only hope is that our Republic survives until the November elections allow us to sweep these traitors out of office.

Kenneth E. Harris



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