Letter: Brubaker has skills needed to lead Putnam County

I urge you to elect Brad Brubaker as Putnam County commissioner, based on his service, leadership, commitment, integrity and values.

In 1988, Brubaker became an EMT, also beginning his career in law enforcement. A volunteer of Putnam County EMS, police officer and later as chief in Columbus Grove, Brubaker eventually worked in the juvenile court system and as a part-time sheriff’s deputy. Brubaker became EMS/EMT Putnam County 911 Coordinator for 20 years and retired from the sheriff’s office after 34 years.

Brubaker was a Columbus Grove school board member for 28 years, knowing what is important for the school district. Brubaker’s leadership led to a financially secure school district and a top state-rated school, keeping Columbus Grove with one of Ohio’s lowest income tax rates.

Brubaker’s leadership in Putnam County law enforcement, Putnam County public safety and Columbus Grove school board led to a comprehensive understanding, managing the daily, monthly and yearly million-dollar operating budgets. Brubaker showed his ability to work with government agencies, overseeing and securing grants and levies needed for a successful Putnam County budget.

Leadership means situations arise when not everyone agrees with hard decisions. Brubaker has an unassuming and patient approach, allowing him to listen to all sides of a situation, being respectful to all residents and employees of Putnam County.

The people of Putnam County will be fortunate to have Brubaker as Putnam County commissioner.

Charol Stechschulte

Columbus Grove


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