Letter: Family, friends didn’t need to see details of murder

I am writing to express my anger, shock and disappointment about the vivid details included in reporting the indictments in the stabbing death of Lucinda “Cindy” Wright.

I am not sure how these details were a necessary part of this news story. While her family and friends were obviously aware she was murdered, you can imagine the horror and heartache the article’s violent details brought to all those who loved her.

Instead of those details, the article should have talked about:

• Cindy was a friend to many, including me. She was one of those people who I knew I could count on no matter what (a rare find in our difficult world). She loved my children like they were her own. She adored her family and spent much of her time loving and caring for them. She was a devout Catholic who loved Jesus and volunteered in various capacities at her church. Cindy’s love for animals led her to help various local agencies find homes for helpless animals. Cindy was kind, loving, vibrant, smart, determined, witty and did her best to make the world a better place. She is loved beyond measure and missed more than words can describe.

• The Lima Police Department and detectives who quickly and accurately investigated Cindy’s death and had the suspect under arrest within 24 hours. The diligent work of the police and the prosecutor’s office led to a series of charges that will hopefully see the murderer spending the remainder of his life in prison.

• Crime Victim Services staff who have supported, informed and stood by Cindy’s family. Their knowledge of the court system and kindness has been invaluable.

Melissa Bockey



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